My approach


At the beginning of a project, I will have a consultation with you to discuss the instructions, specifics and deliverables of the project. A brief is then produced which will be referred to throughout the project.


I really value great research. If you start a project blindly with no agreed direction the result is often a surprise and your budget is potentially wasted. I take to time to create mood boards so that you will have a clear idea of the concepts that I will produce. The research stage can also include competitor analysis to help decide where your product will sit in the marketplace. Some of my research may come in the form of a questionnaire that I send you to ask you specific questions. The aim of this is to narrow down and target the tone and deliverables of the project.

Design stage

Taking the research into account, I usually create three concepts to give you different options to chose from. After a discussion about which one of these best answers the brief one of these options is agreed on, the designs are then revised and amended until they are signed off.

Delivery/ Production

Before I supply you with the deliverables I prepare the artwork to the highest possible standard to ensure that it will work in either print or digital. I can also manage production for print based projects. Liaising with printers to pick the best stock and reproduction for the job, and making sure the job is delivered on time. I have a big book of trusted suppliers that I have built up during my career covering print and product to ensure that your job is handled properly.